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Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy

I love cooking and entertaining. Spending time with family and friends is what I live for.

*Friday Funny* Hey, it's the weekend after all!

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (from SpongeBob SquarePants) - 2013 Halloween Costume Contest

  • Mr. Pins

    But they're chicks. Not dudes. Chicks. Hmmm. Goes into the dumb file.

  • Natasha Gall

    Who the hell says girls can't dress up as male characters and vice versa? Also, nice use of albeism. If you're truly so concerned about gender roles, though, I'm honestly surprised you're on Pinterest, a site predominantly used by woman. @Mr. Pins

  • Mr. Pins

    I was kidding. Thank you though. Oh yeah. What's albeism? I typed it into my

  • Mr. Pins

    Phone and it autocorrected to ableism.

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I think everyone can agree that I need this. Why I don't teach it!

Love cool boho websites

Tried Running Kept Spilling my Wine tank top tee t shirt @Julie Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Beeler

  • Theresa Hauck

    This is sad. Its not other peoples responsibility to entertain you enough so that you dont look at your phone. Be polite enough to put the stupid thing down for two seconds.

  • Sheila Capps

    I agree with Theresa. If you have your phone out or are on it while we're together, you let me know that you don't respect me, or my time. I definitely won't waste my energy and wit trying to "catch your interest" - you, in fact, become the waste of time.

  • Sharna

    What happened to etiquette? Show some respect to the person your with!

  • Brittney Eason

    @Stephanie Asselin I agree with every bit of this!!!

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