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Gemstone brooch of Catherine Howard. Lovestruck with his very young bride, Henry VIII spent more money on jewels and gifts for her than on any of his other four wives. The French ambassador wrote: "the King is so amorous of her that he cannot treat her [Catherine] well enough, and caresses her more than he did the others." In return, Catherine was caring and affectionate to her much older husband. Initially, Henry refused to believe that Catherine was guilty of any indiscretions.

Anne Boleyn's arms 'are among the most complex ever devised and reflect the king's desire to enhance the status of his new wife. The design incorporates the arms of several English and French noble families, and a motif of interlocking initials, H and A.'

The Tudor Pattern Book - Design based on botanical shapes, flowers, pineapple. Three stylized trefoils. Flower-box.

From Selene's Fashion Tren Board....this board is a mix of Eras............Black and Royal Blue Tudor Gown with French Hood. 1540s

The Tudor kitchen at Hampton Court Palace, set up as if in 1542

"I love the Tudor Era because of its dark history, since they never hid the Dark that was within them"

"Anne Boleyn was a strong, intelligent, and ambitious revolutionary. I admire her so much" As do I, though most disagree.

"I wish I could go back in time and see all of this first hand"

Which Tudor Queen Are You? [A Women's History Quiz] - half queen elizabeth I and half anne boylen. seems appropriate.

Anne Boleyn a la "Mean Girls"

Lettice Knollys, Countess of Essex (1st husband Walter Devereaux), then Countess of Leicester (2nd husband Robert Dudley). The marriage of her cousin to her favorite so enraged the Queen she banished then both from court, relenting only for Dudley, her favorite. Lettice she ever referred to as the 'she-wolf'.

Anne Knollys, granddaughter of Mary Boleyn, great niece of Anne Boleyn, and sister to Lettice Knollys

Lettice Knollys, cousin/frenemy of Elizabeth I, great niece of Anne Boleyn, granddaughter of Mary Boleyn. died at 91, a daily exerciser, having outlived all of her children. Elizabeth I once called Knollys a "she wolf." Hellz yea

Henry Cavill in armor. ON AN ENTIRE BLOG of nothing but male costumed hotness. You're welcome.

Queen Elizabeth I (Cate Blanchett) 'Elizabeth' 1998. Costume designed by Alexandra Byrne.

Sir Christopher Hatton (Laurence Fox), Queen Elizabeth I (Cate Blanchett) & Sir Francis Walsingham (Geoffrey Rush) 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' 2007. Costumes designed by Alexandra Byrne.

Bess Throckmorton (Abbie Cornish) & Queen Elizabeth I (Cate Blanchett) 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' 2007. Costumes designed by Alexandra Byrne.

Lisy Christl costumes for old and young Queen Elizabeth I in ANONYMOUS. Ms. Christl is a design goddess.

Tudor Rose - symbolised the dynasty of the Tudors, and represented the fusion of the Lancastrian and Yorkist noble factions. This fusion was symbolised by the White rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster. An important emblem of the Tudors dynasty which marked the end of the devastating English civil war called the Cousins' Wars and much later, Wars of the Roses.

16th c. The Red dress of a Lady of Pisan court can be seen in Moda a Firenze and was found on a wooden effigy at San Matteo convent, seen in pictures 2 and 3. It had been said to belong to Eleanora d'Toledo as it is very similar in construction technique and style. Recently it has been suggested that it did not belong to Eleanora but belonged to an unknown Lady of the Court of Pisa (

Now this is a find! Coif and headpiece on display at Hever Castle in Kent. It is said to have been made and embroidered by Anne Boleyn...

Queen Mary’s Diamond Riviere. The breathtaking diamond Riviere was comprised of 24 old-cut diamonds set in glitters of gold and silver.

ship jewel given by Anne to Henry New Year's 1527

Shoes worn by Queen Anne Boleyn, 2nd Queen of Henry VIII

Catherine Parr's hair! The paper reads "Hair of Queen Catherine Parr, Last Consort of Henry, the night she dyed September 5th 1548"