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Hoop + straw winter housing for birds

November » 2010 » Soul Fire Farm


The Ameraucana breed arrived in the 1970's and is "America's Newest Breed" although they have a long history of development that started in Chile. The breeds most striking feature is the green and blue tinted legs. The Blue Ameraucanan is well tempered, gentle, and do best in free-ranging environments. It does very well in cold weather environments. They produce medium to large blue or green eggs.

Brahma & Croad Langshan

The thing about chickens... and a few thoughts on what's important in life

The Thing About Chickens... and Life - Naturally Loriel

Cool Coops! - Re-purposed Trailer Coop -- Community Chickens

Cool Coops! - Re-purposed Trailer Coop -- Community Chickens

Sicilian buttercup, she's very pretty!

Ameraucana hen & chicks. I have four of these, we will have blue eggs in a few months!

  • Sally Korger

    If you let them free range, they like to hide their nests. Best to keep them fenced in.

So cute!!

Hey! Make Room For Me!

really? folks, this is a rooster and a curled up cat sharing a round metal chicken coop together!!!

Murray McMurray Hatchery