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Pinterest is Testing a New Look. Here's How to Get On Board! - Technorati Social Media

This is SO important! How to clean up your Pinterest boards

THESE ARE THE CORRECT INSTRUCTIONS! How to Pin From Facebook 1) Installed the Pinterest bookmarklet ("Pin It Button") for your browser. 2) Now click with the right mouse button on the Facebook picture that u want to pin and clidk on "open image in new tab" 3) Now click the "Pin It" button, and voila, the image can now be pinned! THERE IS NO VIEW IMAGE LIKE THE OTHER PIN GOING AROUND SAYS! YOU ***MUST*** CLICK ON THE VIEW IMAGE IN A NEW TAB AND PIN THE IMAGE IN THE NEW TAB!

Pinsomnia - Inability to get enough sleep because @pinterest is bloody addicting

So true! Dear cost nothing to pin and what joy there is getting some of the best ideas for all kinds of stuff, plus having a feast for your eyes every time you sign on. Merry Christmas and Happy Pinning. On Pinterest Christmas lasts the whole year through.

And perfect grades!