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Valentine's Day Sale: Aluminum Half Persian 3-in-1 Sheet 6 Corkscrew Slider Pendant. $185.00, via Etsy.

chainmail dress - Google Search

Chain Mail Teddie - Photo

Diamond Chainmail Top by ~DeviantChainMaille on deviantART

Chain maille headpieces

Great use of maille, chain and eye pins.

Chain maille Belts - A & M  Dream Links

Chainmail Dress Front

Chainmail Dress Front

Love the addition of the ribbon in this chainmaille necklace! Need to bribe a chainmail designer...

chainmail spiral by ~bakaneko89 on deviantART

Easiest Project! I could do this right now. Anyone want a chainmail choker?

One of my production chainmail coifs. #chainmail #chainmaille #renaissance #medieval