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Joseph's Coat - Template to complete with stickers, paint, tissue paper, or markers www.BibleCraftsan...

Craft for Joseph & His Colorful Coat

Joseph coat - use t shirt, cut strip down the front to use for belt, cut colors stripes out of duct tape. Add a stripe as they answer a question about the story. Great idea, Kalie!

Joseph's Coat : a template for Joseph and his coat. Use bright colored paper or wall paper samples and either cut out into squares or have the kids cut out and glue on.

Joseph collecting grain in egypt activity Just need balloons and a big box or some other place to place the balloons

Josephs's Coat of Many Colors. Great lesson to keep little hands busy on Sunday (or any day!).

A fun project to make Joseph's Coat of Many colors- we had an amazing time learning about the Ancient Hebrew Culture. For this project, we make the coat out of a pillow case, learned about dreams, and had a great conversation about sibling rivalry and jealously. What a fun afternoon!

Joseph Is Kind To His Brothers printable book... lots of Bible printable books!

Joseph Deciphers Butler's and Baker's Dreams

Lambsongs Bible Story Books free printable

Lambsongs Bible Story Books

What's Different: Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream