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A heart-based approach to parenting recognizes that behavior comes from the heart, and changes made now will produce lasting character later on.

Quote from The Christian Parenting Handbook: Developing a strong biblical parenting philosophy requires you to embrace a more comprehensive approach that focuses on the heart.

Each family member gets three Popsicle sticks to put on their place mat. Before the game commences, go around the table and have everyone recite a few "Table Manner Rules." After that, you are ready to begin. If one family member sees someone breaking a "Table Manner Rule" he gets to take one of their Popsicle sticks. Whoever has the most Popsicle sticks at the end of the dinner wins.

Building Character 7 Ways to Teach Children How to Stick Up for Themselves

{Focus on the Good} Do you wish you did things differently as a parent sometimes? Join us as we start counting and tracking all of our parenting successes this week. There are so many more than we even realize!

What to do if your child IS the bully

What to do if your child is bullied