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Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Pen and Ink, 2013, Drawing "in the moment"

In “Archiset,” cinephile and architect Federico Babina, depicts the interiors of beloved films in his signature retro style - this one is from Clockwork orange, one of my fav movies

16 Retro Posters Depict The Interiors Of Classic Films

(fos) - a multidisciplinary team of interior designers and art directors based in madrid and barcelona, created an ephemeral installation that gives a visual perception of a projected beam of light - they painted light onto a grey street...the effect is fantastic!

new pop art - Marco Santaniello - from exhibit 'Nice to meet you' in NYC

Mats Gustafson - Artist/Illustrator

Mats Gustafsons - swedish illustrator/artist

Fashion illustrations made by Sandra Suy (b.1977) a fashion illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. Isn't this wonderful? This illustration is made for Zara parfume.

Skin Illustrations by Emma Hack - project The Mercury

Skin Illustrations by Emma Hack

Milena Lah - Kontemplacija - 1959.-1961. (stone)

Lazar Vozarević - Portret žene (Portrait of a woman) - 1953. (oil/canvas)

Almir Mavignier, Rectangle, 1961 (oil / canvas) - this is one of my favs in MSU Zagreb

Statues in Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art - Target II (Marija Ujević-Galetović)

Hand-Cut Paper Microorganisms by Charles Clary

Jasper Johns - Target with Four Faces (1955)

Egon Schiele - Two Women

Egon Schiele - Sitzende Frau mit hochgezogenem Knie (1917) (Seated woman with bent knee)

Egon Schiele - Green Stockings (1914)

Miroslav Šutej - "Emisija KT"

Miroslav Šutej - reconstruction of "Rain" in MSU Zagreb, originally made 1967. (Trigon 67, Graz)

Miroslav Šutej - detail from bigger piece ”Kaos”

Miroslav Šutej - KT-77-77, 1966.

Miroslav Šutej - Antimoda, 1971.

Lana Ključarić is making pop art portraits.She exhibits "Flesh/Fantasy" in Paris gallery Nouvel Organon.