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weightloss motivation

-- PLEASE READ -- This board has become somewhat popular and I appreciate all the supportive comments and love the discussion. But please keep in mind that it's my board of things that motivate me. If it doesn't motivate you - that's ok but please don't leave me negative comments. They give me a frown-y face. You can't judge who I am and where I've been or where I'm going based on what you see here. // PS: None of these pictures are me. // PPS: Let me assure you, I don't have an eating disorder, nor do I support eating disorders. My nutritional goal is to change my diet to mostly locally grown and raised, organic, unprocessed whole foods - HEALTHY!! Check out my Fooooood board to see all the "real food" recipes, info and tips I've been discovering. // PPPS: (or is it PSSS? What does that even mean anyway?) Sorry, if I sound like a jerk. Some of the comments I get are a bit antagonizing and I feel like I need to defend myself. It's all a bit weird and silly but I promise I really am nice! And kind of funny sometimes (if I do say so myself). And we would probably be friends in real life. Now let's all get healthy and lose weight but not look like skeletons together!

My healthy transformation

FitFluential Transformation: Jenny Grothe

Weight-Loss Tip: “I have a journal devoted to all the reasons I work out, like ‘It makes me feel strong and sexy.’ Reading through it motivates me whenever I don’t feel like going to the gym.”

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