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weightloss motivation

-- PLEASE READ -- This board has become somewhat popular and I appreciate all the supportive comments and love the discussion. But please keep in mind that it's my board of things that motivate me. If it doesn't motivate you - that's ok but please don't leave me negative comments. They give me a frown-y face. You can't judge who I am and where I've been or where I'm going based on what you see here. // PS: None of these pictures are me. // PPS: Let me assure you, I don't have an eating disorder, nor do I support eating disorders. My nutritional goal is to change my diet to mostly locally grown and raised, organic, unprocessed whole foods - HEALTHY!! Check out my Fooooood board to see all the "real food" recipes, info and tips I've been discovering. // PPPS: (or is it PSSS? What does that even mean anyway?) Sorry, if I sound like a jerk. Some of the comments I get are a bit antagonizing and I feel like I need to defend myself. It's all a bit weird and silly but I promise I really am nice! And kind of funny sometimes (if I do say so myself). And we would probably be friends in real life. Now let's all get healthy and lose weight but not look like skeletons together!

Eagle leg headstand #yoga

  • Trimmed & Toned

    Hi Nikki! Great board! I was wondering if you ever considered having any guest pinners on it?

  • Nikki Gaudreau

    No because it really is my personal motivation. I don't want to lose that or end up with a bunch of spam.

"I’ve discovered the joy of being unique, and how each and every one of us has a special message and purpose. With this understanding, everything I knew about diet, exercise, sleep, sun, and play became effortless for the first time. This is what life is all about." - Leslie's #PrimalBlueprint #SuccessStory

chesleyshrinking: hello—healthy: i’ve finally lost 100 pounds! healthy eating + exercise + moderation + a positive attitude + consistency = weight loss. that’s the only “secret” there is :)

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  • Kati Anderson

    it took me a second to realize that the weird bump behind her knee is the other calf. Awesome transformation! Super inspiring

  • Ann Schroeder

    you look amazing