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Get that saggy booty lifted and tight with this lower body fitness move!

Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok: semi-autobiographical novel about a girl who immigrates to NYC from China.

Girl in Translation

This book inspired the creation of Camellia Network. A story about a young person living in the foster care system.

Good Reads: Spring Reading List

Roll out tension in the shoulder and upper back before you are debilitated! Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls.

Laying Down the Law: The 25 Laws of Parenting to Keep Your Kids on Track, Out of Trouble, and (Pretty Much) Under Control: Ruth Peters: 9781...

Learn the moves Tracy Anderson uses to work her celeb client's legs!

Sculpt Lean, Strong Stems With a Tracy Anderson Workout

Tips for making mornings with kids run smoother.

Honey We're Home: Prepping for Weekday Mornings

A classic novel and a must read for all women and anyone interested in mental illness

Just finished reading this and from start to finish I could not put it down. If you want to read a seriously touching story that will have you hooked from start to finish you must read. Just don't bring it to work with you when you're on the last couple of chapters like I did. Or at least wear waterproof mascara and go to the bathroom when you do!

One of my all-time favourites.. I think my Dad told me he's read it 5+ times. It's about an evangelical man from the South who takes his wife and three girls to "save" the people of the Congo. Each chapter is written from a different family member's point of view. A must read. It will change you.

A book like no other I have ever read. I don't know how to describe it to friends when I tell them they must read it. I found this book near impossible to put down, and when I did, it was all I could think about.

FOR ALL nurses who always get asked about rashes!!! List of rashes and what to do/expect

Tips to Recognize Common Fever and Rashes in Children

Squeeze, Curl & Lift- Lie facedown with arms crossed in front of you and squeeze a stability ball between your lower legs. Bend knees 90 degrees, then lift thighs off the floor. Hold for 1 count, return to the starting position, and repeat butt exercise. Do 15 reps. #glutes #burke #workout via

Beautiful Black Maxi Dress

Beautiful Black Maxi Dress

The book describes these women’s lives post-graduation, beginning with the marriage of one of the friends, Kay Strong, and ending with her funeral in 1940. Each character struggles with different issues, including sexism in the work place, child-raising, financial difficulties, family crises, and sexual relationships.

My Porch: Book Review: The Group by Mary McCarthy

How to Add Exercise to Your Daily Life! Little things like squats while you brush your teeth, sit-ups during the commercial breaks, and taking the stairs can be a really easy way to add in some exercise. I love her ideas!