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Justin Bieber Birthday Cakes

more Justin Bieber on the side, like little portholes of awesome.

I think the cakeboard on this one is wrapped in Justin Bieber's face, too.

Look at those hands reaching out for their Bieber god. Says the creator of this cake: This cake was for a little girls 11th birthday. I took the idea of the hands from the Wilton bridal shower cake. When I think of these young cute singers, I have visions of hands in the air and girls screaming. Justin is printed on edible paper and layed out onto gumpaste. All hands and decos are fondant. The stars have edible glitter on them to make them shimmer. I am very happy with how it turned out!! TFL!!

Justin Bieber birthday cake — Children's Birthday Cakes

Not that I'm a Bieber cake snob or anything, but this would have been better in fondant.

Oh, I don't know about this cake. I feel like the effort is lacking.

What's better than Justin Bieber on a cake? MULTIPLE Biebers on a cake.

Justin Bieber, candy, and a lopsided cake. What I really enjoy is the cardboard cut outs on top.

I really appreciate the wide variety of patterns on this cake - see on the top too? And that cake topper is just great.

I can't be sure, but I think this is supposed to be a patriotic Bieber cake.