People of New York City - Astrid - by Nina Matzat | 500px

Nina Matzat | 500px

Small walk in Hamburg across famous Reeperbahn or... — Nina's Photography

Sunset at Golden Horn in Istanbul

Istanbul streets

Untitled by Nina Matzat / 500px

Lonely Planet pinned my photo! China’s Cuisine (China). 'Say zàijiàn to that Chinatown schlock and nǐhǎo to a whole new world of food and flavour. For sure you’ll find dim sum, noodles and dumplings aplenty, but there’s also the liquid fire of a Chóngqìng hotpot, Tibetan cuisine, or the adventurous flavours of Kāifēng’s night market. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before, eat things you’ve never heard of and drink things (báijiǔ) that could lift a rocket into space.' www.lonelyplanet....

This man was on a walk along the complete west coast of Ireland on foot with his horse. He is a member of an institution to prevent suicide in Ireland, talking to people and relatives about their problems to help find a way out. His daughter had committed suicide in 2010, afterwards he tried to take his own life twice. He failed twice. He decided it meant he was given a second chance to live and he didn't want to live it for nothing. For the full story please visit 500px. Thanks.

Dublin with Hasselblad. Dublin Bay beach. By Nina Matzat Photography.

Paris with Hasselblad, Double exposure, mix of La Defense stairs and Montmartre street - the old and the new. By Nina Matzat Photography

Paris with Hasselblad, random lonely Paris street in the older Nina Matzat Photography

Fishing for Seaweed, harvesting seaweed in Guiling, Guangxi, China. By Nina Matzat Photography

Dublin with Hasselblad. Hidden back lane in Temple Bar district. By Nina Matzat Photography

San Francisco with Hasselblad. The Transamerica Pyramid in downtown SF. By Nina Matzat Photography

California with Hasselblad. On the road towards Yosemite National God's own country. By Nina Matzat Photography

Golden Hour in Old Town III a.k.a. Golden flight by Nina Matzat, via 500px

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