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Master Bathroom ideas

Maybe these ideas will find their way into my upcoming fantasy master bathroom remodel... as soon as I can figure out what I want. :)

Not really an indoor tub, but pretty sweet anyway!

Gallery | Nkwichi - Africa's Best Kept Secret

Hammock Bathtub!

SplinterWorks – Sculptural Furniture

this is lovely elegance: the window, the blue, the light...very serene

Into the Blue Image Gallery - Cottages & Gardens - February 2011

Tye Dye - Color Changing Tile, yes please!

this tap is certainly interesting, but can't really tell from the small photos

This swan tap is pretty nifty

this tap looks super elegant, but is probably a pain to clean.

another wood tub, this time with overflow into pebbles on rim. pretty. this one looks highly polished inside.

wooden bathtub would feel lovely like fine smooth furniture, but won't hot water damage it? can't put wood in the dishwasher...

not sure who would want a Yellow Cab style bathtub, but the option exists

O.M.G. I want one in every flavor! This high heel bath tub is so amazing and completely girlie, I can't stand it! The faucet is at the top of the heel and flows down the arch!