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You can buy an Ukrainian Tu-95 Strategic Bomber on eBay now.According to seller (company in Switzerland with “locations” in Germany and the Ukraine whose field of activity “includes the production and distribution of goods and raw materials from Ukraine and the rest of the world”) the Tu-95MS, a variant known as Bear-H and capable to launch the Raduga Kh-55 cruise missile, is not brand new, was “collected” in Ukraine and can be shipped from Harbour of Nikolaiev or Odessa.

You can buy a Ukrainian Tu-95 Strategic Bomber on eBay right now

An explosion of an ammunition train somewhere in Europe, caught on film by a pilot’s camera, during an attack by a group of P-47 Thunderbolts.

Once Upon A Time In War

Husky is a protected support vehicle, providing a highly mobile and flexible load carrying vehicle.

F22 assembly line

Lockheed F35 Assembly

C5 Galaxy eating a C130 Hercules

Protector (RWS) The M151 PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station is a remotely controlled weapons station (RWS) that can be mounted to vehicles and stationary platforms. It is manufactured by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace[1] of Norway and Thales Group of France. [via]

USS Independence (LCS 2) arrives at Mole Pier at Naval Air Station Key West

US Navy AD-2 during the Korean War. The long fuse on those 150 lbs bomb allows the bomb to detonate above ground and spray it’s lethal razor sharp shrapnel instead of just makin a hole. An extremely effective anti-personnel weapon and instant landing zone maker for helicopters. These are not to be confused with the BLU82B. That’s a daisy cutter that’ll clear out enough space to build the an amusement park and with extra parking…

Convair B-58 Hustler Bomber

full extended flight

Almansur: The Infamous Tomcats of VF-84

one of our birds

Almansur: The Infamous Tomcats of VF-84

A specially decorated US Navy (USN) F-14D Tomcat aircraft dubbed the "Christmas Bird," from Fighter Squadron One Zero Three (VF-103) the ÒJolly RogersÓ prepares for launch from the flight deck of the USN NIMITZ CLASS: Aircraft Carrier USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73) while the ship is underway in the Mediterranean Sea.

Best of “Big Cat” pictures

The CAG bird of VF-103 "Jolly Rogers", assigned to CV-67 USS John F. Kennedy under the command of CVW-17, wearing the special marking celebrating the squadron's 60th year anniversary. The Bu. No. of this F-14B is 163217 and it is now resting her wings at AMARC.

F-14A Tomcats - VF-84 The Jolly Rogers & (CVN-68) USS Nimitz (1980's)

The "Jolly Rogers" - Navy Strike Fighter Squadron 103 (VF-103)

A Rapier Missile System During London Olympics Security Exercise by Defence Images, via Flickr