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Backstreet Boys

Browser Requirements - Xbox Music

Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing | Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing.

'Dirty Dancing' town plans Swayze memorial

Matthew McConaughey you are one good looking piece of man candy

Luke Bryan in his hunting attire... I'm in love...

Paul Walker. Sure I'll buy some Davidoff Cool Water even though I'm a female and have no use for it.

Paul Walker, Main reason I own every fast&furious movie

I'm considering putting Paul Walker back on my "list." Here are my terms Mr. Walker, you must always wear your Fast & Furious Converse, you must never speak of Meet the Deedles, and I am ok if you never take off that Dodgers hat...

Caroline Kennedy and her six week old brother, John F. Kennedy Jr. Photographed by Richard Avedon at the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach, Florida on January 3, 1961.