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The Olive Tree of Vouves, Crete is the oldest known olive tree on Earth, with a tree ring age of at least 2,000 years. Carbon daters have estimated it to be about 4,000 years old, and it still produces tasty olives today. It is not particularly tall as olive trees go, and is 15 feet thick at it's gnarled base. The trunk is magnificently swirled, knotted, and bulbous.

Peter Cook and Becky Northey began shaping plum tree since 1995 when they met, into living art they call Pooktre.

Boabab: Also known as the "tree of life", Baobab trees, found in Africa and India, can live for several thousand years. They have little wood fiber, but can store large quantities of water. #Trees #Baobab_Tree #Africa #India

The Wonder Tree, Klamath, California

Old Trees - Tel Aviv - by Nura Pinchassi

✮ Ginkgo Tree

Waikato Countryside, Also Known As Hobbiton, North Island, New Zealand

sunset- beautiful