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Chick-Fil-A inspired Miniature - Polymer clay tutorial - YouTube

Polymer Clay Rainbow Petal Cake Collab with Glossy Apple Design (Maive Ferrando)

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Miniature sushi polymer clay tutorial

Miniature Popsicle/Creamsicle & Ice Cream Cone - Polymer Clay Tutorial - YouTube

Polymer Clay Kinder Chocolate With Cereals TUTORIAL | Kinder Cereali

Easy; Sour Patch Kids & Lollipops - Polymer Clay Tutorial - YouTube

Miniature Food; Chili Peppers - Polymer Clay Tutorial

Polymer Clay - Miniature Eggs - YouTube Cute way to make the shells

Polymer Clay - Miniature Cheese Crakers - YouTube

Polymer Clay - Miniature Making French Fries And Fried Chiken - YouTube

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Polymer Clay - Miniature Garlic Vine - YouTube