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Homemade Cucumber Sugar Scrub Recipe: The cucumber helps to soothe your skin and reduce any redness you may have. The mint helps brighten your skin! The sugar obviously will be the exfoliant and get rid of any dead skin leaving a clean and smooth surface and the oil will help to hydrate and make it nice and soft.

A light scent of almond pie is the best part of this dessert for your skin.

DIY Moisturizing Orange Face Mask - great recipe!

Another pinner said: Natural beauty tips. tried the blackhead remover (milk and baking soda) and it removed gunk i never thought i'd be able to get rid of! totally using this as my face scrub from now on.

Another pinner-Facial Treatment Applied with a cotton ball, a little lemon juice acts as an astringent, eliminating oil and tightening pores for a smoother look. Mix salt and lemon juice into a paste for an all-natural exfoliant.

Anothre pinner writes-This homemade berry mask serves as a complexion energizer scrub. Mash 3 strawberries in a bowl until soft. Fold in 1 tbls honey. Massage the mixture into face and leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water and use a light moisturizer.

Homemade Skin Care Products: Oat & Honey Exfoliant (for face) & Ground Coffee Skin Scrub (helps tighten the skin, diminish cellulite, etc.)

Another pinner writes #BeautyMask from Licensed Skin Specialists: Plain organic yogurt offers probiotics to prevent acne and balance PH, Raw honey to kill bacteria and hydrate, organic acai berry power for the powerful antioxidants, and add a crushed banana for the enzymes to exfoliate! Optional: add raw oats to create a mild facial scrub but use with gentle pressure. #skincare solutions by www.theskinspecia...