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Social Work Apps

Mobile, Web-Based, or Computer Apps that can be used by social workers and other mental health, human services, and social care professionals, or that can be used by their clients. Caveats: We haven't tried most of these, so we can't say for sure what their value might be, and very little research has been done on the effectiveness of most of the apps out there. Maintained by @Dorlee M, as well as me (@njsmyth)

Learn to Handle Anger Using NVC – Interactive Story < Miss Kitty has an anger problem. Can you help her? Can you show Miss Kitty how to decide to think before going into a rage? Can you show Miss Kitty how to take 3 deep breaths when she feels angry? Can you figure out what universal human needs are behind Miss Kitty’s angry, rageful thoughts…

Rosie: the child protection computer game < play while developing social work skills

Healthvana: Peace of Mind In The Dating App Era? < a simple way to obtain and share verified STD test results

healthcenter.uore... Developed by the University of Oregon, “Sex Positive” is a free app that strives to counter the fears, secrecy, misinformation, judgment, and general negativity that currently surround sexuality.

Creative relaxation: the healing potential of interactive art < Bright Hearts app: biofeedback artwork created to give you beautiful feedback on your breathing and heart rate, in real time. [$3.99]

#HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Service: Tiger Text

5 Great Apps for Social Justice < You can figure out how to buy better products from socially responsible companies, refute a climate denier with accurate research...

List of Apps for Working with Children Who are Hearing Impaired

Breathing Zone is a doctor recommended therapeutic breathing exercise. In just 5 minutes you can start to reduce stress and anxiety and impr...

Hospital uses a simple Feedback App to get feedback from patients and their families -- this idea could be used by any nonprofit #nonprofits

Story Cubes < great play therapy app [asking child to tell a story that connects all 9 images and more] hat tip to @Stacy (McBee) Braiuca

Special Needs Apps Review < The Friendship Circle App Review gives you the ability to find the perfect special needs app for your child.

The Voice Meter < provides a visual rating of vocal volume to practice speaking at more appropriate levels. Simply hold the device near your mouth and speak at your normal volume to learn how loudly you speak and adjust your speech accordingly. Voice Meter will reflect if the speech volume is Too Soft, Too Loud, or Just Right.

Dyslexia Toolbox < free app allowsyou to transform text into a more readable format, for dyslexics - whether that's a bigger font, a different typeface or a different background color. It works for emails and text messages, and you can reply in your chosen style and then turn it back into the traditional black-and-white before hitting send.

Word Lens: An App for Bilingual Social Work Practice < The app uses the iPhone’s camera to immediately translate text in an image to the chosen language... The practical use for this translation software is to point your phone at text to translate it to your language of need English so that you understand what the sign, message, or text is saying – or at least you get the gist.

Manage Your Time with Productivity Apps < best apps for ADHD adults

Apps That Aid Positive Disciplining < Parenting Tool Cards, contains a collection of 52 cards, reminding you of what you can do to calmly but firmly assert yourself and connect with your children; Tantrums 911 < w/suggestions, including videos, for steps on how to deal with different difficult situations without necessarily raising your voice

My3 App < produced by the California Mental Health Services Authority in a partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. MY3 features a support system, safety plan and resources with the goal of giving your clients a tool to use in a time of need

POPVOX < a site that not only lets you weigh in on legislation but it alerts you to related legislation

Personal Zen Scientifically Reduces Anxiety in 25 Minutes < Psychology professors have made a new game/app, Personal Zen, to reduce anxiety in stressed individuals [research published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science]

The SAMHSA Disaster App makes it easy to provide quality [evidence based] support to survivors; navigate pre-deployment preparation, on-the-ground assistance, post-deployment resources, and more

Cultural Competency App for Behavioral Health Services By San Diego State University [also avail for the Android] < designed to help reduce behavioral health disparities, increase health equity and seek solutions for under served communities

Could a recovery app help you beat an eating disorder? < "the time in between session that poses the biggest challenges... mobile apps... are helping these individuals stay on track... some of the most popular... Take Control, Recovery Record, and Rise Up + Recover..."