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Winding Machines

We make some of the finest ball winders, swifts, and skein-winders available. If you need to wind yarn, you should check our products out.

Triple Yarn Guide option on table-top Skein-winder

Triple Yarn Guide Option for the HDSS Skein-winder

Heavy Duty Ball Winder by NKK

Ergo Handle on the HDBW. Makes winding easy without concern about wrist injuries.

Power Base - high performance, high tech motor drive for the Heavy Duty Ball Winder

Yarn Swift - Heavy Duty Swift (table mounted) - a vertical yarn swift based on NKK's commercial design. Can be upgraded with an ERC and motor drive.

4 Yard Skein-winder - used by Indy dyers who want to prevent a frequent repeat in the dying pattern.

Motorized Option for Swift with Control Panel - innovative design that can be added onto an existing manual unit. Motor can be controlled by the optional ERC.