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Visual Arts + Wonders

A concoction consisting of a variety of visual arts, be they from the pages of a comic book or the featured exhibit at an art museum. Outsider art, classics, and everything in-between reside on this pinboard.

Algiz Protection Hand illustration, prints available // Lauren Gonsalves

Occult, nature inspired drawings by Lauren Gonsalves - Bleaq

Illustrated wolf pattern // Lieke van der Vorst, Liekeland

Critical Hit! in dagger illustration // Lauren Gonsalves

Nuclear Deterrent, underwater Godzilla encounter digital illustration // Matthew Plog

Nuclear Deterrent by mattPLOG on deviantART

Pink and Blue crowd illustration // Ericka Lugo

Pink and Blue by erilu on deviantART

Space! screen printed poster // Matt Taylor


Shibakenjinkai, a series of illustrations about a beautiful life with the shiba inu breed of dog // Tatsuro Kiuchi

Colony House band logo design // Keith Davis Young

Dribbble - Colony House by Keith Davis Young

a gaggle of girls, black + white #illustration // Laura Callaghan

Falling // Hisashi Okawa AKA pon-chan

Fluorescent blue light sculpture // Dan Flavin

Turquoise Portal sci-fi landscape painting // Alexandra Petruk

Turquoise portal by APetruk on deviantART

Bold black and white striped pattern poster design // Merdanchik Sanchos-Yohanson

Moon Glow illustration of a full moon with curling cloud tendrils // Brenda Erickson

Moon Glow Art Print by brenda erickson | Society6

Poster a Day project on, featuring bold and fresh spring colours // Alex Proba

LES PONYTAILS girl gang #illustration // Hellen Jo

Black Series, Lithograph 1967 // Frank Stella

Smoke, digital illustration // Kit Mun aka kiDChan

Ocean Engineering recruitment Poster // Jacqueline Casey