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Lent & Easter Ideas for Children

A visual to teach kids about Jesus' journey from Palm Sunday to His Resurrection- Totally doing this next year!

Clothespin butterfly, add a magnet for the fridge.

The most popular Print-Friendly Easter resources, all 100% free to copy, share, print etc. Plus easy download links. : )

I will definitely be making one of these for this Lent!!!

Jesus last super--one of 13 finger puppets with free templates and tutorials. Great to teach kids about Lent

Handprint Palm Branches- Palm Sunday

12 Days of activities & Bible stories leading up to Easter. I like this way better than the resurrection eggs I've seen so far--it's more substantive and less contrived, and walks your kid through the story of Jesus leading up to Easter in a really cool way.

Resurrection Cookies. Each ingredient has a bible verse to go with it and tells the story of Christ's death and burial as you and your children make these cookies. Make these the night before Easter. On Resurrection morning, open the oven and see the "empty tombs"! Making these cookies has been a tradition in our home and my boys look forward to this! I let them read the verses. It's precious!

Vanilla Butterfly Cupcakes- spring, Easter holiday

Free Printable... Post on a friend or neighbor's door and hide eggs, a great reminder of what Easter is all about! So cute!

The kids loved watching bean seeds sprout. We put five beans in a ziploc bag with a folded wet paper towel. The bags were taped to our classroom window (with names written in permanent marker). Of course we also read "Jack and the Beanstalk

Lent Preparation for Children- Are You Ready? This website also has great spiritual formation resources for kids - loved their Christmas suggestions.

Scriptural tree for 40 days of lent

Lenten Sacrifice Ideas and Activities for Kids. Have a classroom bin of "goodbye for Lent - see you on Easter" have children bring in items or symbols of items that are what they are giving up. Don't forget to put out a jar/can or what they are gonig to do extra (service/prayer/etc.) as well.