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Traditional Turkish Ottoman motifs

Hand Marbled China Silk Scarf Very Long Very by vansantdesigns, $40.00 The artist is a friend of a friend, via FB...her work is simply stunning marbled cloth...perfect for a book-lover and color-lover!

Seared Chevrons Cardigan - Anthropologie >> I really like how the basic chevrons are curved like marbled paper. How to reproduce this??

The meaning of marbling can shortly be described as the method of scattering insoluble paint over dense water to achieve an embroidery paper. The word ''Ebru'' was derived from the Persian word ‘ebri’. The meaning of Ebri when translated into English means “looking cloudy’. Turkish craftsmen that work on this art are called “ebrucu” meaning “marbling artist”.

Marbled paper, called ebru in Turkish, was used extensively in the binding of books and within the calligraphic panels in Turkey. The existing word ebre in Eastern Turkish, meaning variegated, points to the fact that marbling might have been known by the populations of Central Asia. Its origin might ultimately hark back to China

Such a beautiful form of old art. Turkish Ebru Marbling used for making designs on paper, if you haven't heard of this, check it out!

Turkish Art of Marbling (#Ebru). I did this a couple of days ago on a citytrip to Istanbul.

Vintage 19th c. marbled paper, Serpentine on Turkish pattern

so much fun making Turkish marbled paper! check out the video and see what my kids and I made!

Calf Leather Antique Book Covers Turkish Marbled Endpapers 1870s Victorian Handmade Set Gorgeous Maroon Blue and Cream