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How to Raise a Happy, Successful & Cooperative Child Infogram (Carol Tuttle, the Child Whisperer via Art Bar)

Parenting // Discipline Less + Understand More - Art Bar

Store and organize board games in a hanging shoe organizer. Never thought of this.

More proof that sometimes the best ideas are simple and inexpensive.

Please be chocolate! Please be chocolate! Please... eeewwww it's not... (again today! UGH)

Introducing.... THE GLUE SPONGE! You just cut a sponge to fit in a container, pour glue it, and the kids can just press their little cut-up pieces of paper on it. No more globby glue puddles! What a great idea for kids and adults!

Inexpensive Toddler Proof Door Stopper - use a pool noodle!

Diana Mattoni - Inexpensive Toddler Proof Door Stopper

Run your toys through the dishwasher regularly to easily and effectively kill germs. Just remember to turn off the "heated dry" :)

De-germ your house with your dishwasher - Fun Cheap or Free

Indoor masking tape games; hopscotch, bulls-eye bowling, tic-tac-toe, guard the eggs, long jump, balance beam - RAINY DAY/COLD DAY fun!

how to make your own baby/pet gate- with pvc and fabric! Plus you can make it fit any size you need.

10 Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child. Pinner says: TRULY SOME OF THE BEST PARENTING ADVICE I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS. A MUST READ! ...That connection is also the only reason children willingly follow our rules. Kids who feel strongly connected to their parents WANT to cooperate.