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Here are things that are silly, inspiring, yummy, and/or completely random.

All folded up and ready to magnify: The Foldscope weighs less than two nickels, is small enough to fit in your back pocket and offers more than 2,000-fold magnification.

Crater Stratigraphy with CAKE (h/t @Donna Campbell on Twitter)

#NotAllMen: How Not to Derail Discussions of Women’s Issues: "Why is it not helpful to say “not all men are like that”? For lots of reasons. For one, women know this. They already know not every man is a rapist, or a murderer, or violent. They don’t need you to tell them. Second, it’s defensive. When people are defensive, they aren’t listening to the other person; they’re busy thinking of ways to defend themselves."

art by Walter Geovanni

A Red Sonja by any other name...

The Ood Abides.

MLP costume wings and ears. Photo by Ariane Coffin. (Easy Wing and Tail for Twilight Sparkle)

everything happens for a reason

Jose Romussi - embroidered vintage dancers.

game of thrones

Recipe Favorite: Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup

Invisible connections - didn't know this one!