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WARNING GRAPHIC PICS ***Crime Scenes,Death/Autopsy***


Amityville - Crime scene from that night

Real Crime Scene | Jodi Arias: Travis Alexander Autopsy Photos (graphic images) | The Pot ...

Jodi Arias: Travis Alexander Autopsy Photos (graphic images)

The Cleveland Torso Murderer (also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run) was an unidentified serial killer who killed and dismembered at least 12 victims in the Cleveland, Ohio area in the 1930s.

Getting Away with Murder: Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught
  • April

    I've read the story never saw crime photos, I saw a few like the death mask but none as grafic as this

Real Crime Scene Murder | crime scene of joy miller the 1997 movie boogie nights

Documenting Reality

Crime scene from that night

  • Garrun Lamberson

    No... I believe Ronald Jr was a movie star... But other then that, he's just a scumbag that killed his whole family in my book

  • Garrun Lamberson

    Oh Wendy, this wasn't a movie. The picture above is a crime scene photo, they are dead.

  • Garrun Lamberson

    Scratch that, it was made in a movie. But the picture above is a real life crime scene photo if I'm not mistaken.

  • Garrun Lamberson

    Ah... Ronald Defeo isn't a movie star, he's just helped out making Amityville horror documentaries while in prison.

  • Wendy J.

    Interesting thanks !!!

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Sylvia Likens crime scene photo. She was murdered by the family that her parents, who were carnival workers, paid $20 a week to take care of her and her sister Jenny.

Jack The Ripper Victims | Jack the Ripper's final victim | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

  • Melissa Lee

    This is a recreation for an art installment, not an actual crime scene photograph. Just fyi. :)

  • Ruth Lais

    Recreation for sure.

  • Garrun Lamberson

    Absolutely... This is a modern photo. Not one taken in the late 1800s

Murder scene stereoscope, The Death of S Gates. On the reverse: "This picture represents father as found murdered, taken about 2 hours after his death". From the flickr collection of jack_mord

Mary Jane Kelly- thought to be the fifth and final victim of the murderer known as Jack the Ripper. This photo was taken at the crime scene, her home in Millers Court, near Commercial St in East London.

File:Mary Kelly Crime scene.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Jack the Ripper victim, Mary Jane Kelly.

ca. 1901-08, [Album of Paris Crime Scenes], Attributed to Alphonse Bertillon

Garrote -

10 Additional Gruesome Torture Devices - Listverse

Clump of hair tangled in a machine after worker was pulled in and scalped. The horrific ordeal of a factory worker who suffered life-changing injuries after being dragged into a conveyor belt has been revealed in the statement she gave to a court hearing over the accident. Kelly Nield recalled how she was ‘coughing up blood’ as she felt herself pulled into the mechanism - but the factory floor was so busy that nobody noticed the accident. ∞

  • Carrie Hanks

    Wow, it never did make sense to me why people who work jobs like that don't know better to wear their hair up!!

Otis Redding was still strapped into the plane's seat when he was recovered.

  • Dee Camp

    Aww, God bless him! The Reddings live near me in Georgia and his kids turned out nicely and are so polite and respectful; also his widow is such a good person! I hate so much that this happened to them. People say what a nice person he was....

  • Heather Church

    I know! I've always read that he had such a good heart & what a Soul he had.. it poured out when he sang, IMO..

A victims head found at the Dahmer crime scene

  • Lizzy English

    This isn't a dahmer victim, this is a sunset strip slayer victim. Dahmer only killed men.

  • Marie Brown

    @ Lizzie: Exactly. Her name was Exxie Wilson, originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1980, she was picked up and murdered by Douglas Clark, the Sunset Strip slayer. His then-girlfriend, Carol Bundy - no relation to Ted Bundy - was his accomplice in many of his murders - but not in the killing of Exxie Wilson.

  • Jason Vorhees

    this is the victim from carol bundy and doug clark left in the street in a box

  • Pamela Bowers

    The Carol Bundy/Doug Clark team's work yes.

And you thought they only lynched men.

Jeffery Dahmer's crime scene photos

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Son killed his father, then sliced his face off. He then dressed as his father, went over to his grandfather's for a visit. After awhile the grandfather thought something was up, called the cops and had them go to the house of the father and grandson.

krokodil...this drug is a monster

Krokodil: The Story Continues
  • Stella Atkins

    Its a mixture.of.codeine, lighter fluid and lost of other crap no normal person wants to inject but is readily available in every supermarket. The hit lasts only two hours as appossed to 7+ for heroin, and a way more horrific cold turkey kicks in within a half hour of the wear off. Addicts spend all their time clapped out or cooking up frantically. That's life.... No it isn't

  • Erika Marie

    Not sure why anybody would even want to do that.

  • Kevin Hoolahan

    You people will believe anything. The pic is fake,

  • Erin Keune

    this particular picture is a fake but the drug is real and this is actually what it does

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Henry Lee Lucas (August 23, 1936 - March 13, 2001) was an American criminal, convicted of murder and once listed as America's most prolific serial killer. Lucas confessed to involvement in about 3,000 murders, an average of about one murder per day between his release from prison in mid-1975 to his arrest in mid-1983.

  • Stella Atkins

    It's believed that actually only two were actually committed by him, his mother the REAL first victim, and one prostitute. He was a good looking fella tho

Hooker murdered and dumped down a well

LA Times - Entertainment - Seattle police release new Kurt Cobain crime scene photos