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A Slob Comes Clean Videos

Nony Declutters Her Kitchen Cabinet and Replaces her Plastic Cups with Grown-Up Glasses

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#2 Podcasts from - How to Get Started Decluttering

#1 Podcasts from - How to Start Getting Your House Under Control (Even When You’re Overwhelmed)

#ComeClean Reality-Based Cleaning Talk Habit One of 28 Days to Hope for Your Home

Nony the Slob and the Master Bedroom Decluttering Saga (Video Part One)

I shared in the Series Finale of the Master Bedroom Saga last week that I spent part of that final day decluttering the dresser. It was its own project, so I am giving it its own post and webisode. Basically, I had things in my drawers that hadn’t been worn in forever. All of the stuff piled on top of the dresser was the stuff I actually wear.  But . . . I couldn’t fi

Nony the Slob of www.aslobcomescle... declutters and organizes her kitchen drawer.

Video-The Master Bedroom Saga: Part 9

How to Package and Freeze Chicken Purchased in Bulk

Decluttering - The Master Bedroom Saga (Series Finale!) Video

Video Decluttering the Master Bedroom Saga Part 10

  • Phyllis

    I have enjoyed watching the series and am learning some things, too! Thanks!

  • Nony

    Thank you!

Decluttering the Boys’ Bookshelf-(Please be warned that if you only have girls, this may be disconcerting to watch. Video contains excessive loudness, goofiness, mild cartoonish violence and fake bodily function noises.)

The Master Bedroom Saga: Putting Stuff Back (Part 8)

Nony of www.aslobcomescle... continues decluttering her master bedroom in the Master Bedroom Saga. In this webisode, she has finished decluttering, and is now rearranging furniture to free up as much livable space as possible.

Nony of www.aslobcomescle... finishes decluttering her master bedroom and now it is time to CLEAN it. Cleaning around clutter is delusional. It's only once the clutter is gone that true cleaning is possible.

ASlobComesClean Libman Cleaning Tools Review

Nony the Slob of www.aslobcomescle... declutters and organizes her dining room table. She realizes that she has to keep these spaces clear at all times.

Nony the Slob of www.aslobcomescle... begins work on her master bedroom by completing a fast decluttering project.

Nony of www.aslobcomescle... cleans and declutters the dresser in her master bedroom. Special guest star "Normal Friend" shares tips for storing children's artwork and keeping spaces tidy.

Nony the Slob of www.aslobcomescle... finally clears out her donation pile from her donate spot. Her decluttering efforts of the past few months are finally leaving the house.

Decluttering the Master Bedroom Saga Part Five - Getting EVERYTHING out!

Little Nony demonstrates how to fold a towel and socks.