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Thanks, It's Vintage!

If you're a fan of the Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection, this is the board for you. What's old is new with vintage styles that inspire!

Vintage Christmas Illustrations $2

Ding! Dong! Oh, the excitement of seeing a package-laden mailman pull up to your house on a snowy December day ! ~<>~ (vintage, retro, yesteryear, Christmas, Xmas, photo)

tumblr_mesi0jDeT91rlz6e4o1_400.jpg 284×442 pixels

Vintage Christmas Photo - I'd love to buy this, make enlarged copies and use the copies as gift wrap! So sweet!


Aida Overton Walker (1880 – 1914), also billed as Ada Overton Walker and as "The Queen of the Cakewalk", was an African-American vaudeville performer and wife of George Walker. She appeared with her husband and his performing partner Bert Williams, and in groups such as Black Patti's Troubadours. She was also a solo dancer and choreographer for vaudeville shows.


Portrait Camera Figurine

daguerreotype, blacksmith