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Despite the title, this 2009 picture book is not about social media outages.

AT&T's Twitter SPAM Snafu Highlights Dangers of Automation, Outsourcing. Nice apology from social media manager.

Costa cruise parent Carnival has been silent about its latest crisis with a Costa ship.

Heidi Cohen, principal of Riverside Marketing Strategies, gives a good summary of companies who struggled with social media in 2011.

H&M's response to accusations that they stole an artist's design: "We apologies [sic] if anyone should think we have copied, which has never been our intention and also not allowed. We have merely been inspired, after seeing many different varieties with different text messages, to create something similar in a different font, with the use of big and small brackets and the placement of the shaped heart. We are truly sorry if we have led someone to believe that we intentionally should have copied someone else's creation.”

Dominos employees post video of them doing nasty things to pizza. Dominoes fires and charges employees, USA Domino's president, Patrik Doyle issues well-worded apology.

Not gonna lie, the fake BP Twitter account was hilarious. But a major fail for BP.

Chrysler agency throws down an F-bomb on Twitter

Nestle deletes negative comments about palm oil use from its Facebook page.

Papa John's Employee Calls Customer "Lady Chinky Eyes" on Reciept