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Herbs and Herbal Remedies

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As a very young mother, I handled my children’s sicknesses the only way I knew existed: basically always relying on someone in the medical field to tell me what to do. Since then, I have gained quite a bit more confidence when it comes to making medical decisions for my family. Keeping just a few basic foods in my pantry has proven to be the most effective and efficient thing I have ever done to keep my family well or to help our bodies combat sickness.

Get ready to fight the bugs. Learn how to make this {DIY} Immune Boosting Tea! #DIY #HerbalRemedies

  • Danielle Ware

    Sounds expensive to make unless you have these herbs growing in your garden. I did read about Nettle & that it helps allergies. Which herbs help mold allergy? thanks

Natural Remedies for Burns, Bites, and Stings | Summer goes hand in hand with outdoor adventures. With the sun shining and the lure of swimming, kids out of school are free to spend their days playing outside. But burns, bites, and stings can stop that summer fun dead in its tracks. Thankfully, several natural remedies will have you back to enjoying summer activities in no time! |

Spotlight on Herbs: Cilantro and Coriander | Cilantro has quickly become one of my favorite garden plants. It is incredibly easy to grow, and its beautiful leaves add a fresh burst of flavor to so many summertime dishes. Add its many health benefits and medicinal properties to the mix, and it's no wonder I grow this plant several of my gardens!|

Stinging Nettle Part 2: Using Nettle in Everyday Life | You'll love the ideas shared on how you can use this useful herb in your kitchen. You can purchase dry nettle leaves or I’ll show you how to gather your own and dry them at home. |

Pepper Juice | Pepper juice is the cringe-worthy yet beloved name of my go-to tincture for all things sick-related. As my kids know, it's the answer to everything. Sore throat? Pepper juice. Sniffles? Pepper juice. Cold and flu season preventative? Oh yes, pepper juice. You can make it from 5 readily-found organic garden ingredients. |