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Bashar on creating what we prefer... Exactly thoughts I had during a day that felt very spiritual. Think of what Yoda said "Do or do not. There is no try."

Bashar had a ET Encounter called "The Thook". Pretty mind-blowing if you can imagine this!

Bashar says the world doesn't change, we do. (we're just shifting into different parallel realities as we change our focus!)

Bashar - Everything is Already One. His Hologram Analogy is pretty cool. Wow.

Bashar: On the History of Atlantis and what wiped it out

(Part 1 of 5) This was a private session with Bashar at Darryl's own house, recorded in 2007.

Bashar: On Moses, The Red Sea, Manna, Ezekiel, Ancient Civilizations and Crop Circles. Recorded interview...unknown host.

3 min meditation for healing yourself by Bashar(permission slip)

Bashar: Here's another clip I found where he talks about our connection with Dolphins. Note: Turn your volume up again. This one is low too.

Bashar - Our Hearts Communicate Constantly(speed of light)

Bashar on Change your Definition of Fear and Bring it into Harmony

Bashar speaking abouto Princess Diana Mother Theresa & Crop Circles

Bashar: The Phoenix Lights Sighting and Future ET Contact

(Part 4 of 5) Bashar ~ A Private Session

BASHAR - Circuite Sacre (Sacred Circuits) 1 [RO]

Bashar: Speaking on the Higher Mind, Physical Brain, into the Physical Mind

Bashar - How we let parents/society crush our individuality

Bashar - From forgetting to remembering (playing the Earth game)

Bashar: Congratulations on making it to 2012!