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I love my godless heathen friends. :) the godless here on pintrest rock!..... yey I rock! !!!!

Always trying to fill the void, the emptiness that's left inside your heart... that nothing and no one can ever take its place.

;Have a nice day! ;))

..& I think one ot the worst feelings in the world is remembering kissing someone the last time without knowing it's the last time.

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Dalai Lama

  • ** theGMB**

    I bet by the US definition he is a pedophile. Did you know he believes the earth is hollow and he claims to know where the entry points are. I know that sevens crazy but it's true. Did you know 1000 Tibetan monks were found at a Nazi generals castle after World War 2? They had committed suicide. A lot of the most poisonous things in the world seem beautiful

Faith In Humanity Restored - 15 Pics