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Not easy. But beautiful.

Inspiration For Moms: See The Light

"By changing the way you do routine things you allow a new person to grow inside you"

quotes Brida Eleven Minutes Paulo Coelho Illustrated

Edgar Allen Poe's mind has often been an inspiration for me. I'm glad to say my mind took no coaxing to parallel this amazing, wonderful, outstanding human being and for that I'm grateful and fortunate.

Apply the lesson learned in the past.

bittopper ~ images

unfinished business.

Typewriter Series #765 by Tyler Knott Gregson - ROAR-

Jean Kilbourne's brilliant 5 min slide show of how advertising manipulates women: dangle a computer-created, unattainable standard in front them to create the self-loathing that sells clothing/skincare/makeup/diet products. #skinny #thin #thinspiration #beauty #fake #photoshop #airbrushing

Well, if this applies to other creative endeavors then things are about to get freakin' awesome!

this isn't happiness.

Shut the front door. This is quite possibly the most precious thing I have ever laid eyes on.