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Art activity- simple pencil drawing and they have to take a photograph of it with their hand interacting in some way.

Instructions and video tutorial for Installing a "Scroll to Top" button in Blogger

Sharpie marker on wax paper looks like stained glass.

Sponges soaked in finger paint. Stops children from scooping huge balls of paint on their paper! GENIUS!

this is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! [Then you can tear it up and mold into (colored) shapes]

Bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. Instant stamps. Why didn't I think of this?!

Oh, the possibilities....

I want to try this! (Trace the hand in pencil. With a marker, draw a straight line until you get to the hand. Then make a curve from one line to the next, then continue the straight line)

For the birds: toilet paper tube, peanut butter, roll it in birdseed and slip it over a branch.

Make your own coasters- 4x4 tiles ($.16 Home Depot); 4x4 scrapbook paper; adhere to tile with Mod Podge and let dry; Spray a coat of clear spray paint and let dry; attach felt pads to the bottom

GOOD TO KNOW: a great tip for making a wreath: go to the plumbing department at Home Depot and grab a six foot long piece of foam tubing for $.97!! snip the length you want and duct tape the ends together.

Big Leaf Printing - paint different colors on the leaf and press it to the paper - better than crayon rubbing.