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Geoboard Quadrilaterals activity from Math Stations for Middle Grades - Katie Lyon of Teaching ... the Art of Possibility shares how her students used the activity with an iPad app instead of real geoboards. No rubberbands zinging around the room! Great idea! $

Mean Median Mode Range Resources

technology rocks. seriously.: Mean, Median, Mode, & Range

Math Interactive Notebook that focuses on Word Problems for 5th Grade

Interactive Math Notebook: Word Problems {OA and NBT}

Grades 4-7. Students must analyze four clues in order to correctly arrange six different Pattern Blocks in a specific order. These tasks are designed to activate and expand students’ logical reasoning skills while reinforcing various geometry concepts. $

Get our free algebra printables here! #math basics

Algebra 1 Teachers: How to Get Kids Thinking in Math Class. Simple suggestions for big change!

How to Get Kids Thinking in Math Class - Algebra 1 Teachers

The Math Journal Component ~ WOW!!! This post is packed with fabulous ideas. :)

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: The Math Journal Component

Four corners post-its, one from each student, then they create the best answer in the center.

Runde's Room: Five For Friday - Test Prep and Angry Birds

Use post-its to help kids with the pkace value component of multi-digit multiplication OR Cover a number, have them figure it out, excellent higher level activity!

Mrs. C's Classroom: Multiplication Unit

Real Life Bad at Math Pictures! These are great to show your students to let them find the error.

Laura Candlers Daily #Math Puzzler Program - A complete problem-solving program that kids love! Four levels available so you can differentiate instruction. $ Download free samples and preview all four ebooks from this page to see which levels are right for your students.

Daily Math Puzzler Program

Long division anchor chart

Math Talk Anchor Chart

Sometimes They Explain It Better Than You (Blog Post): Using tiered/leveled posters to differentiate and promote math talk in the classroom.

Sometimes They Explain It Better Than You

Integrating thinking maps with singapore math. Use this tree map for fact families. You can have the kids roll 2 dice, finish the number bond a...

Fact Families tree map

Awesome way to teach multiplication. Makes it a game kids beg to play!

Guess my 3D shape

E is for Explore!: Guess My 3D Shape

This card sort contains 16 sorting cards, 4 Heading/Label cards, an Answer Key, and large models of the 16 nets so students can actually practice folding the nets and making solids before gluing their sorting cards into place. What better way than to practice folding the shape before gluing your net cards onto paper. This activity works great as an individual, partner, group, or math center activity. $

Nets to Solids Card Sort ( geometry, geometric shapes)

AREA AND PERIMETER - This game comes with 4 game boards of varying difficulty and directions. This is great for differentiation, early finishers and to challenge your math students!

Area and Perimeter Cover All Game

Around the Block - FREE! Finding Area and Perimeter

Teachers Notebook

Math Coachs Corner: Volume, From the Ground Up. Give students concrete experiences with volume by comparing the process to building a building.

Math Coach's Corner: Volume, From the Ground Up