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Causes To Believe In

We often find ourselves in the middle of something we can't change alone. This board is for the causes I do believe in and would do what I can to get people to believe in it too.

Georgia Dog - Used and Dump at Kill Shelter - Tinkerbell was surrendered by her family yesterday. By the looks of her, she was used pretty much a a breeding machine. Surrender reason: "Can't keep up, leads puppies off". So here she sits, in the pound, Lost, confused, and alone. PLEASE help this girl find a forever home that will love her for who she is, NOT for the money they can make off her! Habersham County Animal Control: Clarkesville, GA

Hoping there are no mills with puppies that wouldn't find a forever home.

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Miley as she was found by Eldad Hagar just before her rescue

What would you do? THE KIDNAPPING CHILDREN EXPERIMENT was made to let people know that the community can do it's part to save children who are with suspicious looking people. Sometimes an abductor can be totally clean cut and good looking, it's knowing the telltale signs that something is wrong that can help save a life.

Sochi's stray dog shanty town, run by a Russian billionaire