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everything baby

wedding april 13 2013 My beautiful ring. March 20, 2012

classroom ideas Ribbon wreaths make awesome door hangers or gifts! Super simple. Attach one inch ribbon curls in about 6 different colors to a styrofoam wreath mold using straight pins. I chose to hang a wooden nameplate from the center as well, but this could be left off to accommodate different seasons or styles.

my future wedding ABSOLUTLY ADORE THESE! want to wear these and maybe a hot pink sash (or whatever goes around your waist on a wedding dress) my wedding colors are gonna be white black and hot pink!

Who is getting this for me? what i wear in my slightly made up fantastic life

I think I work with this woman! lol alyray

Caramel Creme Brulee Cupcakes - oh, goodness!! lilrosi

at least the sex was electrifying live laugh love

Wow, that clean shaven guy looks super manly. Said no one ever. things that make me laugh

Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn! chihuahua gaga

careless in our summer clothes sweet summertime

Supernatural goodness #supernatural #SPN books worth reading

A Hot Pink Metallic Mustang customized by Creations n Chrome in Valencia, CA. psrandy

Super mason jar ideas!! weddings and things

Saw someone make this on hgtv. I want one too! clrwilliams

t-shirt baby sandals craftiness

wall decor books worth reading

Too cute! craft and design ideas