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Completely Inappropriate

if you don't have a sense of humor, avoid this board.

mr rogers...yaaaaaay

whats up beautiful?

  • Travis

    I'm not angry bro. I'm actually very happy. :-) I just am not an overly sensitive person that has to surround myself with puppies and butterflies etc. I have a sense of humor and have no problem pointing out and stating the things others are to shy to say.

  • Liz Fox

    bahaha.... dude I don't WTF is up Weezer Wisdom's ass... (hey maybe it's this guy) but you're not angry. There's just A LOT of pissy women on here who love pin stupid shit and think any kind of off beat humour is vile. Fuck them.

  • Travis

    Thank you.



that time of the month


  • Mistress Geema

    OMG I love this board... I laughed so hard, I think I just pissed myself.

unbeatable deal.

check out my sword

alternative career

silly jesus

pumpkin carving

shut the fuck up jesus

  • Jen Harrison

    i dont know you travis, but this is by far the greatest board on all of pinterest youve got goin on

  • Travis

    Thank you very much. At least there are still some people left that have a sense of humor. :-)

  • Amanda Heck

    My husband does this. All the time. XD

  • Dana Carson


one more game dad

hipster jesus

diet and exercise, and less weird ass kinky sex

  • Amanda Heck

    Oh god... I thought the worst part of this were the creepy furries in the bunny costumes. Then I saw the oompa loompas.

it's ok to have sex with your doppleganger

straight broomrapein

  • Cage

    Well, one would certainly guess so!


  • Travis

    Perhaps it is you that it's the racist. I see kids playing, you see color. You take the innocent picture and make it something it's not.

  • Travis

    So if the black kids were riding the white kids would it be racist? People are silly. I find our overly sensitive society humorous. You see what you want to see, and judge me based on what you see. That's funny. Have a good life, dude.

  • Travis

    sadly an internet "social" site is far from any representation of whom we are. however, we are all entitled to our own opinion, so enjoy yours. i will not carry on this battle of wits with you any further. if you dont care for my boards you are more then free to not visit them any more. perhaps you should judge yourself before you jump on here dr. phil-ing me.

  • Liz Fox

    Weezer you're a knob, piss off and stop taking things so seriously on FUCKING PINTEREST.

  • SAS

    This picture is kids having fun, kids being kids. You posted it because you applied the intended context....if it were white kids w white kids or all of this or all of that, sir you would not have looked twice at it or pinned it. You wanted attention? You got it. But don't lie about it....don't turn it around on someone who sees what you obviously thought. And then play victim. Own up to it...That's the crude haha joke, the payoff. please. If it's such an awesome-oh so sweet wholesome shot....why post it on this particular board? I call bullshit on this one. Just grow some balls and stop playing completely dumb. You know? Lame. Lame. You are. Cheers!:)

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jerk a circle?

its the boots, or is it the pony tail?

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i gave myself to jesus

a taste of the good life. everything has a price

  • Amanda Heck

    It's not actually what you think. She's blowing up a doll.

you ready to join us bro?

adventure mormon

poor planning.

national one piece day

you have got to be kidding