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Regenerative Systems ♻

the "capacity to bring into existence again" "Land, then, is not merely soil; it is a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants, and animals.” - Aldo Leopold. Harness and redirect "wasted" energy.

Restored to earth : Christianity, environmental ethics, and ecological restoration Author: Gretel Van Wieren

The Man Who Single Handedly Converted A Washed Out Land Into A 1,360 Acre Forest...

What Is Transformation?

What Is Transformation?

A beautiful diagram via Center for a Livable Future // Public Health. Environment. Diet. Food Production.

EAA’s first Hudson River clean-up activity!

"Everyone who wishes to preserve our planet and its life should consider joining and supporting Citizens Climate Lobby. citizensclimatelo... Their advocacy of a simple rising carbon fee, with 100% distribution of funds to the public --- nothing to make the government bigger -- is just what is needed to incentivize a transition to clean energy." Dr. James Hansen, prof., Columbia U., Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Former head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

"Holmgrens Principles that we use in the design process of all our Permaculture Gardens on the UMass campus."

"Bioswales capture, filter and clean water for the aquifer - great way for cities to capture rainwater from a parking lot and clean it. Swales on hillsides bring water to plants on the swale or downslope. We have lots of bioswales in our Gulf Coast Florida town. But we use hugulkulture and other technique to capture water for plants in this flat, sandy ecosystem" www.permacultureg...

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) recently released a report outlining positive results from a survey on cover cropping practices. Results included improved yields, soil health, and an overall increase in acreage that used cover cropping as a management technique. #covercrop #sustainable

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) presents the foundations of valuation of ecosystem services, dynamic interactions of people and ecosystems and their impacts on local communities, sub-national and national policy and international agreements.

Biochar’s Potential to Help is Rich, but Hurdles Remain - To hear some of its proponents talk, the substance known as biochar — a form of charcoal made from logging and agricultural waste — has properties that verge on the magical. It not only cuts down dramatically on the carbon emissions that cause global warming; it also has the potential to create millions of jobs, and helps soil retain nutrients and water to make crops grow bigger and stronger. You almost expect to hear the words.

This introduction to biodynamic methods contains five lectures by Rudolf Steiner and an extensive introduction by Hugh Courtney of the Josephine Porter Institute, who unravels not only the practice of biodynamics, but also its spiritual and esoteric background.

Biodynamic Growing Guide A substantial overview of biodynamic process that is reputed to produce food with maximum vitality and nutritional qualities. Initiated by the visionary Rudolf Steiner, biodynamic agriculture is now practiced around the globe. This Guide provides an essential overview of both, the practical and the esoteric aspects. Now in its third print-run. Ideal for all who wish to understand this extraordinary way of looking at the growing process.

Biodynamic Growing Guide - Aracaria Guides

Natural Systems International (NSI) is a leader in applied biotechnology and ecological engineering. NSI works with integrated design teams to provide progressive options for water master planning, wastewater treatment and reuse, stormwater management, potable and non-potable water supply, and watershed restoration.

Ecological Restoration and Management, Inc., acknowledged leader in the ecological restoration industry, creating, restoring, and enhancing vital native ecosystems throughout the mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions.

Alliance for Regeneration - We are an alliance of leaders in the field of regeneration, working with communities at all scales, from neighborhoods to watersheds. Communities that cultivate a deeper sense of connection around a larger sense of purpose are able to make the changes required to become sources of health and wholeness for their members and the places they inhabit.

TEDx- Helena Norberg-Hodge - The Economics of Happiness. In Carl McDaniel’s book Wisdom for a Liveable Planet, she was profiled as one of ‘eight visionaries changing the world.' Helena is the founder & director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC). Based in the US & UK, with subsidiaries in Germany & Australia, ISEC examines the root causes of our current social & environmental crises, while promoting more sustainable & equitable patterns of living in both North & South.