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In Iowa, solar is fighting back against utilities and winning. The first utilities that figure out how to do business with solar providers, instead of suing them, could be doing pretty well for themselves in the future.

In Iowa, solar is fighting back against utilities and winning

Storage Is the New Solar: Will Batteries and PV Create an Unstoppable Hybrid Force? : Greentech Media

A Double-Duty Solar Solution:This simple solar water heater provides both domestic hot water & space heating. You can adjust the size & design to meet the needs of your home. You’ll find nearly all the materials at your local hardware store, & to build it, you need only basic carpentry skills & a little plumbing know-how. Amazingly, the cost of this DIY system is only about 1/8 of what you would pay for an equivalent commercial system!

A Double-Duty Solar Solution: How to Build a Solar Water Heater

Elon Musk, chairman of the solar installer SolarCity and CEO of the electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors, envisions putting solar panels on every home's roof "that would generate enough power to also charge up a Tesla in the garage. A Tesla battery could then power the home at night with stored solar power." The trick is making all this technology available and cheaper than "conventional" fossil fuels.

Elon Musk Works of Solar, Battery Endeavors

Now You Can Walk Into A Best Buy And Get A Solar System For Your Home -- "Rather than purchasing a solar array outright, [you can now] lease the system from the provider..."

Using livestock in the solar power industry is a time-honored practice dating back to at least last Monday.

This Texas solar farm uses sheep for its landscaping needs

Opower Eyeing The Community Solar Market "Opower — up until now a software-as-a-service company that partners with utilities around the world to promote energy efficiency — is now eyeing the distributed solar energy market as well, according to a recent announcement." by James Ayre,

Opower Eyeing The Community Solar Market

Half of all solar capacity ever added in California was in 2013. Now, that's a sunny #ClimateFact! RT if you agree. via @ ClimateReality

Twitter / ClimateReality: Half of all solar capacity ...

A rendering of the 47-acre solar installation at Freshkills Park on Staten Island in New York. Photo credit:

The 10 Most Inspirational Sustainability Initiatives in the U.S.

Let’s remix this list! Solar accounted for 100% of new generation in six states and DC in 2013 #ClimateFact @SEIA via @ ClimateReality

Twitter / ClimateReality: Let’s remix this list! Solar ...

Community-Owned Renewable Energy: A How To Guide | This guide is intended as a first port of call to get an idea of how to start a community owned renewable energy project. After reading the guide we hope you will have the confidence to go and talk to relevant organisations and read more of the many detailed resources available to help you on your journey to developing your own community renewable energy project. The How To Guide was prepared with the financial assistance of the NSW Government.

Tokelau, the first place in the world that runs 100% on solar energy

WebAyunate | Tecnología, Internet, Social Media

Amazing project. Mirebalais Hospital in Haiti. The greatest solar hospital in the world. Runs 100% on Solar panels. 1,800 of them. Serving 185,000 people a year. a yearly saving of 379,000$ A gigantic - beyond money - environmental saving. Courtesy:

Silicon Energy solar awnings installed by Powerfully Green in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

William A. Kerr Foundation - St. Louis, MO Solar Awnings and new Vertical Axis Turbine

William A. Kerr Foundation, St. Louis - core10

Amazing: New Jersey (and six others) got 100% of its new electrical capacity from solar. Sweet! @SEIA #ClimateFact via @ Climate Reality

Twitter / ClimateReality: Amazing: New Jersey (and six ...

There are more solar installations in #NewYork State than taxi cabs in New York City! Who knew? @SEIA #ClimateFact via @ ClimateReality

Twitter / ClimateReality: There are more solar ...

#ClimateFact: There's enough solar potential in Texas to power the world 2x over. Everything is bigger in Texas! via @ ClimateReality

Twitter / ClimateReality: #ClimateFact: There's enough ...

#Georgia's rays make it the fastest-growing solar market in the nation! #ClimateFact @SEIA via @ ClimateReality

Twitter / ClimateReality: #Georgia's rays make it the ...

Seen at the Solar Decathlon Europe: #solar panels with an improved tracking system. via @ gabrielmarty · Jun 29 2014

Gabriel Marty (gabrielmarty) on Twitter Solar Roof Design uploaded by @dakwaarde - roofvalue - roofvalue - roofvalue to stimulate the use of #solar #energy by solar panel design pinned by @dakwaarde - roofvalue

alge biodiesel solar panels

Environmentally compatible organic solar cells in the future -- ScienceDaily

Environmentally compatible organic solar cells in the future

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green design, eco design, sustainable design, solar cell printer, largest solar cell printer, University of Melbourne, Victorian Organic Sol...