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Feed your child like a hamster! -

Oh, No! She's got a Crack Baby!

Worst Tattoos: 14 Bad Regrets - Team Jimmy Joe

Latex Lisa ~ 27 More Not Sexy Profile Pics! ~

He seemed to think stick sun screen was a good idea.

The Struggle to Reuse the Most Awkward Tool in Your Kitchen

1.) At least someone here is working hard.

29.) That's ONE way to keep track of your children, I guess.

The Hot Summer Look For Really Hairy Guys

The Hot Summer Look For Really Hairy Guys

Hahahahaha. No.

Yeah, I’m going to have to pass…

Funny pictures of the day (41 pics)

Pets That Deserve An Apology

Hilarious images of the day, 90 pics. Hold My Beer

Pinterest Humor - Funny Signs @

The Most Awful Inventions Ever

Wrong Tool For The Wrong Job

Instant six pack abs

What did one depressed boob say to the other? We better perk up, or someone is gonna think we're nuts.

Thoughtful Punishment

This is why women live longer


Lol come on