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Absolutely stunning New York Beauty Sun Glow by Barbara Riedemann #Quilt

More Quilts from Quilt Market 2012 Houston

"Dreamcatchers...A New Beginning" by Wayne Sneath. This pattern is called "Montana Cartwheel"

A Jacqueline deJonge design

Be Colourful - A Jacqueline de Jonge design

1920 − 1930 from state of Ohio 203 cm x 193 cm New York Beauty was also called as "Rocky mountain road" or "Crown of thorns" in the 19th century. Some people believe it was so named as a visual descendant of Victorian lady's hat seen at 5th Avenue in New York. This pattern became fad in 1886.

Rock and Roll Café by Nancy Selbrede Quilted by Nancy Selbrede

Beauty with a Checkered Past by Jan Hayman Quilted by Jan Hayman

Beauty 'n Check by Janice Ellertson and Jodel Yover Quilted by Peggy Caballero

Organized looking scrappy NYB

Love the variety of pattern scale as it adds some flair to the scrappy look of it all

scrappy pastelly look for baby quilt

effect from four different backgrounds and unified centers

color variety

New York Beauty Quilt - Pictures of Quilts