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First Grade Ideas

Ideas for teaching

I created this little chart with pre-labeled stickies. When I introduced it, I told the kids that we were going to have a special visitor that didn’t know ANYTHING about people, but he knew how to read. Since he wouldn’t know anything about me, I told the kids they’d need to label me incase he got confused.

The First Grade Parade

Rhyming bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, Rhyming bridge is falling down My fair lady-o. Whoever was caught in the bridge had to come up with a pair of words that rhymed before they were released. eg. bear, chair

Mrs. Bremer's Class: March 2012

First Grade Friendly Froggies: Favorite Pins Friday! Wow...from 1st grade my 8th graders don't remember to do this

First Grade Friendly Froggies: Favorite Pins Friday!

good for learners who need to actually manipulate the graph for how many more, how many less, how many together...etc.

This morning work is designed for the third month of first grade. It meets many Common Core Standards. For Math, it addresses 1. O.A.,1. N.B.T, I.M.D. and 1.G. For language arts, Common Core ELA Standards, this month’s morning work addresses 1R. F. S. 1, 1R. F. S. 3, and 1R. F. S. 4.This 25 page product is what you need to keep kids busy while practicing skills so you can do all that you need to in the a.m. without interruption.

This 13 page activity includes reading suggestions, a writing activity and a darling craft for boys and girls. Your students will love this!

This incredible 55 page unit is perfect for grades K-3. It includes suggested literature, Mayflower Circle Map, individual book, Pilgrim guided reading book, adorable Pilgrim boy and girl craft, graph activity with tally marks and graph analysis, In November class book, Pilgrim class book, recording mental images sheet, 6 poems/songs, turkey with long legs craft to go with Albuquerque Turkey, cloze activity, Addition math coloring sheet with color key and a turkey glyph.

A fun freebie targeting multi-meaning words associated with Halloween. Enjoy! - Lynda...

FREE: Halloween Multi-Meanings

After searching [unsuccessfully] for engaging, meaningful activities on Veterans Day, I created this mini unit. This product includes resources, thinking maps and a writing page. It is 17 pages. I have created bubble maps, a circle map, a flag brace map, a nonfiction article, poems/songs and a writing page. All ideas have been student tested and are sure to be successful in your K-3 classroom.

34 pages of original first grade word work activities that were carefully crafted with the first grader in mind. Modalities vary so students stay highly engaged. VARIETY OF USES FOR DIFFERENTIATION This pack could be used in a variety of ways - during Daily 5, Centers, or independent work. Homework for the four weeks of October are also included. You insert the sight words you want kids to work on.

This creative product includes many new and interesting ways to celebrate Halloween in your classroom. Original Eye Spy Halloween and Spider Rhymes book, Pumpkin writing paper, in color and black and white, Scarecrow craft, templates and poem-adorable with The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything, Witches Brew-darling children's book activity and poem,Creepy Coloring-math game for Dice in Dice {or 2 dice}, Monster Math Match worksheet- 1.O.A. Spooky Subtraction Scene-1. N. B. T.

This 52 page unit includes a ton of engaging activities to get your students in the Halloween mood. While the activities are a lot of fun, children will learn a lot.

This creative product includes many new and interesting ways to celebrate Halloween in your classroom. You will get: Eye Spy Halloween book, in col...

Halloween Happiness-Math and Literacy Fun

This 28 page SMARTBoard calendar is all you'll need to begin each day of October with a rigorous yet engaging start. It is aligned with CCSS. Commo...

October SMARTBoard Calendar ***Common Core Aligned*** First Grade

Ready to Work on Words- October Made for 1st grade. Great for Daily Five Work on Words or centers