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Ready to Work on Words- October Made for 1st grade. Great for Daily Five Work on Words or centers

number line activities

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Practice Makes Perfect?

This 105 page product is what you need to implement ELA Common Core Standards in your classroom. It includes nonfiction articles for close reading on the Rainforest and it's animals - All About the Rainforest, Anacondas, Red-eyed Tree Frog, Black Howler Monkey, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Keel-billed Toucan, Piranha, Three-toed Sloth, Jaguar, Armadillo, Poison Dart Frog and Amazing Rainforest Facts. There are 12 days of lesson plans for Reader's and Writer's Workshop & CCSS ELA standards (K, 1, 2).

Close Reading and Writing Unit about Farm Animals This 82 page product is what you need to implement ELA Common Core Standards in your classroom.Nonfiction articles - Chickens (2 versions for differentiation), Sheep (2 versions for differentiation), Ducks, Pigs (2 versions for differentiation), Cows (2 versions for differentiation), Goats (2 versions for differentiation) and horses. Lesson plans for ten days and the CCSS ELA standards (K, 1, 2) are included.

Rekenreks made with pipe cleaners and beads. Show 2 groups of five. Great for addition, subtraction, number bonds and subitizing.

Slap Words! The game is simple. Put spelling words on different colored sheets of tag board. (That way if a word gets mixed up with another stack, it's easy to spot.) Words cards lie on top of table face up. I call out a word. Person to find it first slaps their hand down on top of the card, then takes the card and puts it to the side in "their pile". Person with the most words wins!

Kindergarten and Mooneyisms: Slap Words

Birthday chart where they're holding the number of their bday. I wish i had been this organized for the beginning of the school year :)

Keepin' It Krazy: Setting Up My FIRST Classroom!

The first week of school is always a blur of excitement and craziness! This little packet was created to help your transition become a little smoot...

First Week Fun! {Printables & Crafts for the First Week}

Read Like a Rock Star's 5 Fun Ice Breakers for the First Day of School! Perfect for 1st and 2nd grade!!

Read Like A Rock Star!

76 pages of original first grade Math and English Language Arts activities perfectly aligned to Common Core standards! Each page was carefully crafted with a first grader in mind. Modalities vary so students stay highly engaged.

83 pages of original first grade Math activities perfectly aligned to Common Core standards Measurement and Data and Geometry! This pack could be used in a variety of ways - class-wide, individual, homework, assessment, guided math groups, or intervention.