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Pandas vs. Polar Bears

Taking a yawn at the doctor's. Being an adorable polar bear cub is tiring.

Oh, hey - no I wasn't sleeping. I'm totally awake. Yeah, what's up?

It's ok, panda friend. I still love you.

This panda cub "increased two Tupperware sizes" after his first vet exam. We wish this is what we had in our Tupperwares instead of soggy leftovers.

  • T Flanagan

    Tupperware: being used as a method of measurement. Cute idea. This stuff's good for anything!!!

Hey guys! What's going on? Anything good? Yeah? I'm a tiny little polar bear just looking to make some friends.

Are you talkin to me? Are YOU talkin to ME?

Sharing can be hard, but what's a stick of bamboo between friends?

Seeing double: This polar bear takes a leisurely swim while on the hunt for his prey. Let's hope whatever he's hunting doesn't see his reflection first!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Fu Hu, happy birthday to you!