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Pandas vs. Polar Bears

Taking a yawn at the doctor's. Being an adorable polar bear cub is tiring.

Oh, hey - no I wasn't sleeping. I'm totally awake. Yeah, what's up?

It's ok, panda friend. I still love you.

This panda cub "increased two Tupperware sizes" after his first vet exam. We wish this is what we had in our Tupperwares instead of soggy leftovers.

  • T Flanagan

    Tupperware: being used as a method of measurement. Cute idea. This stuff's good for anything!!!

Hey guys! What's going on? Anything good? Yeah? I'm a tiny little polar bear just looking to make some friends.

Are you talkin to me? Are YOU talkin to ME?

Sharing can be hard, but what's a stick of bamboo between friends?

Seeing double: This polar bear takes a leisurely swim while on the hunt for his prey. Let's hope whatever he's hunting doesn't see his reflection first!


Panda Bears - NY Daily News

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Fu Hu, happy birthday to you!