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This is the year to start your garden

Garden Party - I really want to set up an area in my massive backyard that is Ready-to-Entertain all year round!!

Doing this.....Enter your zipcode on this website and it gives you a week by week calendar of when to start seeds for your area

Cute idea if you have a tree stump in your garden area.

Replace hazelnut tree with Old Fashioned Smoke Bush

  • Catie Beatty

    Do u have allergies? These are gorgeous, but not a good option if you do.

  • Jen Langston

    Catie! If you know things like this, come design my garden! They're lovely - I have pollen allergies - will I be shooting myself in the foot??

  • Catie Beatty

    I think it's the reason they're called smoke trees. I remember ours growing up gave off clouds of pollen when you shook it. That would be fun! I'm not great with spacial stuff, but I sorta know plants

Pyramid planter

What to plant together, What NOT to plant together.

Ten Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make (and How to Avoid Them!) Need this.

66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers

Plant lemon grass in big pots for the patio... it repels mosquitoes and it grows tall

how to grow foxglove - Gorgeous!!