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Road Safety Education

The NZ Transport Agency publishes school resources and guidance on road safety education. This board links to primary and secondary curriculum resources from around the world. Teachers will also find help for community links, road safety material for families and a selection of research.

In 2014, teachers will be able to sign up their classes to Learnz virtual field trips that tell a big story: the Waterview Connection. Join Alice the tunnel boring machine on a massive project to build motorway tunnels and complete Auckland’s Western Ring Route. Field trips provided by the NZ Transport Agency and CORE Education.

New Zealand National Memorial Park and Underpass. Teachers can sign up their classes to a Learnz virtual field trip that connects with our nation’s history as part of State Highway 1 goes underground. Provided by the NZ Transport Agency and CORE Education.

Primary and Secondary curriculum. The virtual field trip to Memorial Park, Wellington shows students the undergrounding of State Highway 1 to make way for Memorial Park, to be finished in time for the First World War centenary. Presented by the NZ Transport Agency, the Memorial Park Alliance and CORE Education.

Blazed - Drug Driving in Aotearoa. Read the background to this advertisement directed by Taika Waititi for the NZ Transport Agency. Research shows that around one-quarter of all drivers and motorcyclists killed in road crashes were found to have cannabis present in their system, with or without other substances. Our drug affected driving campaign is a long-term behavioural change campaign aimed at reducing the harm caused by drugged drivers.

Primary and Secondary Curriculum. 16 Ways Educators Can Use Pinterest.

16 Ways Educators Can Use Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

Primary and secondary curriculum. From skateboarding skills to a safe road system, here’s a quick-fire list of gems from online NZTA presentations.

Road safety education news. July 16 2013. Booklet published online about the highway tunnel being built in Wellington to make room for the National War Memorial Park.

Road safety education news. July 8 2013. Poster has details of Auckland’s monster tunneling machine, now en route for the Waterview Connection project.

Road safety education news. July 8 2013. Rail safety week in August includes a rap, song and poem competition for school students. Curriculum resources, info sheets and posters on rail safety are available from the NZTA.

Road safety education news June 10 2013. Examples of primary student road safety inquiry and their banner artworks available to view in a single document.

Secondary curriculum: create dynamic hyper-lapse (time-lapse with movement) video sequences using Google Street View. This application uses JavaScript. New Zealand students could use this app in digital technology or visual arts projects.

Early childhood: Think! Resource Centre for children aged under 5. Download lesson packs for preschoolers on topics such as crossing the road safely with an adult, being seen, and how to behave near traffic. Includes posters, stories, pictures and activities. From the UK Department of Transport.

Primary and secondary curriculum: The Think! Resource Centre by the UK Department of Transport. Each lesson pack contains a lesson plan, links to road safety teaching resources, and activities. Arranged by age-group: early childhood, primary and secondary.

THINK! Resource centre

Arrive Alive: Road safety information from the South African Department of Transport, including advice on driver and vehicle safety...and what to do when elephants approach.

Community: Young people from seven countries in Africa wrote a declaration for road safety. Actions they call for include investment in safe infrastructure, collaborative planning and support for youth-led road safety awareness programmes aimed at their peers.

Research: Study suggests that bicyclists overestimate their own night-time visibility. This research by the Queensland University of Technology also found cyclists underestimate the benefit of reflective markers on ankles or knees. Link to abstract and graphs.

Research: Bicycle lights. NZ Consumer magazine tested 81 front and rear bike lights costing $100 or less for brightness at different angles. Test results and recommendations available. Useful resource for school safety checks and student-led road safety activities.

Primary and secondary curriculum: Virtual Highway is a website that provides video images of key travel routes and maps of the New Zealand state highway network. As the video segment plays the corresponding location is shown on a moving map. Easy to use app that could support classroom learning in various learning areas.

Road safety education equips young people with the skills, attitudes and behaviours to contribute to a safe road system. WAYNE ERB reports on new guidelines that will help New Zealand schools assess what works for their students.

Secondary curriculum: Drive Social. Rethink our roads as social spaces. Enter your daily journey to find out who is on the same roads at the same time. Teachers or families could use the website as a thought-provoking learning experience.

A state highway goes underground to make way for the National War Memorial Park in Wellington, and nearby school students are watching.

Secondary curriculum: Four stories in which secondary teachers explain how they used road safety to engage students in English, science, statistics and visual arts.

Secondary curriculum: Read about the NZTA junior secondary statistics resource in use. This unit was chosen as an exemplar for developing the key competencies.

Secondary and primary curriculum: videos of NZ road safety and construction. Particularly outstanding are the time lapse videos showing highway construction. Inspiration for media students or material to remix in Mix & Mash entries. Could also be a quickfire resource for classes in any subject looking at the road system, motorways and safety.