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Inked girls

218 Pins

Inked girls

  • 218 Pins

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helaine rôse tieu

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Baby Girl Tattoos (Francesca Marie)

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Tattoo Ideas, Flowers Tattoo, Tattoo Artists, Side Tattoo, Rose Tattoos, Body Art, Alice Carriers, Floral Tattoo, Ink

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MAKHER HERETIC / 1337tattoos

Nicolas Sénégas


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Tattoos and Modifications

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Whiskey & Grit : Photo

Seriously Ruined: Who's that girl? | Torrie Blake

Seriously Ruined: Who's that girl? | Torrie Blake

Seriously Ruined: Who's that girl? | Torrie Blake

Seriously Ruined: Who's that girl? | Torrie Blake

Cleo Wattenström is truly a rare find—a tattoo artist who is known for both the beautiful art she creates and her striking looks. #InkedGirls #Swedish #Model #tattooedmodel #tattooartist #inkedgirl #girlswithtattoos

Tattoo Artist and Model Cleo Wattenström - Inked Magazine

#tattoo #ink


Alice Carrier-

Framed Thigh Tattoo, Tattoos Ink, Thigh Tattoos, Post, Framed Tattoo, Frame Tattoos, Thighs Tattoo, Frames Tattoo, Inked Thighs

Freulein Fux

Animal Tattoos, Post, Tattoo Placement Arm, Tattoo Inspo, Tattoos Piercing, Forearm Tattoos, Black Tattoos, Amazing Tattoo, Ink Tattoos

Hannah Pixie by Hannah Ray

I always appreciate a photograph of a tattooed woman who is NOT dressed provocatively. Finding a woman with tattoos who isn't half naked is getting harder and harder.

Tarafirma: - A well traveled woman

Tattoo Ideas, Tattoo Pattern, Matryoshka Doll, Russian Dolls, Dolls Tattoo, Nests Dolls, Arm Tattoo, Shoulder Tattoo, Tattoo Ink

This young lady is showing off some pretty impressive black and grey sleeves. #InkedGirls #InkedGirl #tattooedgirl #girlswithtattoos #Inked #Ink #tattooed #tattoos

Women with Sleeve Tattoos - Inked Magazine