Multiracial Children's Books

Celebrate DIA, Diversity in Action, with these children's books featuring characters who are biracial or multiracial.

Who's in my family? : all about our families / Robie H. Harris ; illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott. Picture book.

Mexican whiteboy / Matt de la Peña. For young adult readers.

Gracias = Thanks / por Pat Mora ; ilustraciones por John Parra ; traducción por Adriana Domínguez. Picture book.

Marisol McDonald doesn't match = Marisol McDonald no combina / story/cuento, Monica Brown ; illustrations/ilustraciones, Sara Palacios ; Spanish translation/traducción al español, Adriana Domínguez. Picture book.

Marisol McDonald and the clash bash = Marisol McDonald y la fiesta sin igual / story / cuento, Monica Brown ; illustrations / ilustraciones, Sara Palacios ; Spanish translation / traducción al español, Adriana Domínguez. Picture book.

Whoa, baby, whoa! / Grace Nichols ; illustrated by Eleanor Taylor. Picture book.

"More more more," said the baby : 3 love stories / Vera B. Williams. Picture book.

I love Saturdays y domingos / by Alma Flor Ada ; illustrated by Elivia Savadier. Picture book.

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