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THIS is a million dollar idea :)

Knuckle Pounder .. tenderize your steak and get your aggression's out at the same time !! .. multitasking !!

Key-shaped Pocket Knife .. wonder what the TSA has to say about this :)

don't have the time or inclination to toss your dog a ball now and then? ...

don't ya hate when you need to plug in 2 charges and they won't fit? .... solve that problem for only 10 bucks !!

it's actually called "the puppy purse" ... not really sure how I feel about this one .. lol

a whole line of linens with embroidered sayings that transfer to your skin in your sleep .. guess it beats the normal sleep lines :)

I can almost see putting this on a bedroom wall and fill it with heels .. art and function :)

Knokkers !! .. new game combining pool and bowling .. I so want this :)

this actual house built on a decommissioned 1960′s missile launch site .. it really is currently for sale with private air strip and 125 acres .. what a storm cellar :) .. lol

wireless speakers fit behind any lampshade and play from your music source .. no more wires !!