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The Lost Sock : Artlab Wall of Wisdom Another rubric for Art Assessment. I actually may use this one. It seems to cover the bases!

Ping Pong Ball Critique. Here is a list of 30 questions that you can write on ping pong balls to make talking about art with kids more fun.

Ping Pong Art Critique

Self Assessment Anchor Chart! Great Exit Activity! Have students write which category they are on a post-it and explain why before they leave the room.

Several Color Shift Projects from Photographic Sources, from a Website by Robin Urton.

split complementary close up painting or colored pencil art lesson idea

A brief explanation of color theory

Design Elements and Principles Examples | Elements and Principles of Design

ASSIGNMENT: 7th Graders discussed the different uses/purposes for making art, then they were asked to create a 4-Phase Self-Portrait illustrating each of the four main uses. Commercial art and graphic design communicates directly. Some art emphasizes the manipulation of the elements and principles of design. Much of art centers around creativity and personal expression. And, of course, most of us think that artists are skilled if they are capable of creating something that "looks real."

DIY d e s i g n: February 2010 The elements and principles of design

split complementary: New and improved Elements and Principles of Design icons

Elements and Principles of Art (Writing Activity) Maybe have students use each of the words in a story? Check for meaning/context as assessment.

Elements Of Art Worksheets | Elements and Principles of Art & Design Worksheets / elements ...

Elements Of Art Value Worksheets | Elements of Art / Elements Of Art Value Worksheets | Elements and ...

Each face could represent a different element of art and/or principle of design + these would look cool hanging from the ceiling